Reviews for movie film ‘Entwined’ and the soundtrack

…Nikolakakis deftly mixes folklore and ancient Greek mythology and gives ia modern angle to create a story in which Eros and Thanatos go hand in hand, rather than being opposed to one another. It is an intimate and atmospheric arthouse horror film in which the forest setting plays a big role. In the hands of DoP Thodoros Mihopoulos, tree branches, grass and shrubs take on a menacing quality as the mystery progresses.

The lighting gives Danae a fairy-like, whitish aura, in stark contrast with Panos, who seems to always be in the shadows in his drab-coloured clothes. And with fire being a very important piece of the puzzle, the cabin’s hearth is used both as a source of soft light and as a narrative element.

Both main actors do a good job, but Konidi is the one to watch, as she builds an ephemeral but still very present character – she may be a mythical being, but she is definitely no ghost. Sotiris Debonos‘ music creatively combines the melancholy and evocative with the eerie and mysterious, often within the same piece.

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Press for vinyl “Film Musik” 

film music cover… the use and combination of xylophone, nay, violin  guitar (and other organs) form soundscapes which also “capture” your senses, making you feel a visitor in a strange and exotic land, charm and calm… 

A listening for those who like  Robert Fripp, Brian Eno but also Giannis Christou and Iannis Xenakis. An experimental and exotic project which requires multiple hearings and good listeners …an important record for those who are searching in the music something of the magic of ECM label… 

Debonos uses natural tones in an electronic environment.  Xylophone, percussion, guitar and viola create landscapes which change with every listening…

Press for CD “FARWEST-tribal dances”

Daily newspaper “Kathimerini”-Athens 

farwest cover.” «Far West» …mandolin orchestras meet Tom Waits and NickCave…”


“…S. Debonos is attempting what did Moby at “Play” with the help of samplers…. one of the most interesting contemporary sounds of the season, an original fusion of tradition and avant-garde, for open minds and senses. ”

“Athinorama” weekly magazine 

“…a concept where Kefalonian island choirs and musicians are together with electrojazz loops and rythms and musical structures like earthquakes…”

Daily newspaper “Avgi”-Athens 

“…S. Debonos ..highlighted here another aspect of Greek traditional music and proved  that there is also its west version, which should not only be recognized, but also must be a part of the contemporary creative process…” 

“…Jazz loops, electronica elements, mandolins, waltz and Ionian  choruses are mixed and  sink into one another…”

“Submarine” monthly music magazine 

“…Debonos generously gives us the dances he created at his musical journey to the West ……Like to listen to this festival happy and lying in a bench and in the background… all the best…”

Daily newspaper “TA NEA”-Athens 

“…enjoy the “Lithostroton”, the “Mountain dance”, the dance of the sea and the others that sound so beautiful at Ionian sea and at Far West also…”

“Difono” monthly music magazine ATHENS 

“…one of the best works published in the recent years in our country.”

Daily newspaper “Eleftherotypia”-Athens 

“…he makes something new, having a substrate of choirs, bands and music companies, together with rythms that spring from the computer…” 

“…Sotiris Debonos is actually creating music, feels the music, listens to the music,suggests music …In this record you can find some elements rarely seen in the Greek discography

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Press for CD “OURAKAS”

Monthly music magazine “Difono”
… “Ourakas” is the only Greek collection of songs, which have a chracteristic local and romantic color and, at the same time, they suggest a modern musical sound at its conception …

Daily newspaper “TA NEA”-Athens
…certainly the inspiration and the practice of S. Debonos escape far from everything standard and usual…

Monthly music magazine “Monopoly”
…imaginative instrumentation and haunting soundscapes in an artistic project…

Daily newspaper “Eleftherotypia”-Athens
… the pictures of Captain Montesantos are alive in one of the most creative attempts to transfer the Ionian musical tradition in international seas …

Monthly music magazine “Jazz &Jazz”
…Debonos writes with respect to the “cursed” lyrics…
… embark without delay on the musical nautilus of Sotiris Debonos.
Wandering in exotic parallels will bring unexpected findings …
… his music is evocative and plenty of feelings …

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