Bergamo in my mind

BERGAMO, the city where Gaetano Donizetti was born, in the heart of industrial Lombardy, is my first home. An incomplete DNA, a virus, decided to migrate or, better, to jump like a flea for centuries from place to place (Bergamo-Malta-Kefalonia island), to get involved with other codes and created me. I am the result of thousands of random mutations. And when I declare during this lock down that I would like to stand on the top of Ainos mount and muse the Ionian sea, or even in Myrtos beach watching the sun sinking in the hug of Camilleri, the much-loved Bergamo is on my mind. I improvised for Bergamo a romantic song, without vocals. Because, my friends, life is beautiful. Athens 3/30/2020

Space Virus

I decided to get involved in conspiracy theories .
OUR CORONAVIRUS IS COMING FROM THE ASTERISM OF ANDROMEDA. I have captured the electromagnetic radiation it emits and I have also turned it into sound.
The following video proves this and is offered non-profit to the global community of conspiracy theorists.

Moments of an invisible man

With this ‘social distance’ when I’m on the road they treat me as a potential source of infection. They draw around me, as they walk, an elliptical curve with a minimum radius of 1-1.5 meters. Obviously I do the same. Under normal circumstances I am invisible and they want to pass through me.
The only ones who are still invisible are the homeless. Maybe because for them these ‘social distancing’ and ‘stay at home’ are not affected by the arrival of the coronavirus.
Really, what kind of euphemism are ‘social distancing’ and ‘stay at home’ for a homeless, an invisible person?

Covid Blues (of Ionian school)

Maundy Thursday…This coronavirus did not let me to be in a church in Cephalonia island, where the ghost of the great Enrico Caruso proudly hovers over the church,  the priest and his cantors. I got angry, got a space crash, caught a virus (see coronavirus VIDEO II / Space Virus), dipped Him in a bottle of formaldehyde, dehydrated it, took an incision, re hydrated it, painted it and HERE, spit it out.
I improvised for His Grace one – of the Ionian Music School – blues.
So we do not forget where we are coming from and where we will go…

COVID RNA codec to music score

Don’t trust the Chinese. They only know about ink, paper, gunpowder and silk.Their CoronaVirus decoding is incorrect. I proudly present the correct code translated into music score.

This work is dedicated to fellow musicians who have the unparalleled technical ability to play 600,000 notes / sec, a skill I could not approach, even if I lived studying for another 1000 years.
The problem with most of them is that, usually, no one of these thousands of notes has a single reason to exist…
Also this work, as you will see in the video, is suitable for prima vista lesson and I offer it freely to fellow teachers of conservatories and other music schools.

COVID CITIES part B (day time)

Each season has its colors, its flavors, its smell. Every season has also his own sounds. They can be pauses, here and there, in summer or winter. In cities we do not understand when seasons are passing by because we do NOT hear their sounds. I’ m waiting a strong thunderbolt for nearly 40 years now. How can I listen to a fortissimo like a fortissimo, when all the other instruments are playing forte without pause? Now with that coronavirus ‘staying at home’ tell me what percentage of the sky do you see from your windows?

Psychoacoustic CoronaVirus Room

I have, like many others, a tendency to retrieve old files, photos, whatever, probably because of confinement.
As a kind of resistance I decided to reform a room of my house into a psychotherapy room – something between a listening room and a future ICU. I took a video of it and I present it as a proposal for interior architecture. With the belief that, at least, my favorite writer Stanisław Lem would like it.

Psychoelectric Model I

I also decided during CoronaVirus lock down to get involved in the art of making synthesizers. The Psychoelectric Model I is played using a computer mouse. It will be the main sound component of the next series of videos, in which I will collaborate with other musicians and will be announced to you in the near future.

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