‘Entwined’. Soundtrack in CD & Vinyl record

The fiction movie “Entwined” by director Minos Nikolakakis took place Its world premiere  at Σωτήρης Δεμπόνος, Αλυτη φιλμ. Entwined film, debono, debonos sotiris, discography, δισκογραφίαthe the 44th Toronto International Film Festival. It also in International Festivals in Poland, India and the 60th Thessaloniki Film Festival in Salonica, where it was honored with the Best Location Award. You can read more about the film below on the reviews page

The album will be released by Puzzlemusik on Friday, May 22 on cd & streaming / download. Later in the year it will be released on vinyl (limited edition 100 copies).

Composition and orchestration: Sotiris Debonos

Musicians: George Kitsios: Violin, viola, . Sotiris Debonos: Guitars, synths

Sound Editing: Manolis Angelakis – Sotiris Debonos

Mixes: Manolis Angelakis

Mastering: Sweetspot – Giannis Christodoulatos

Production: Minoas Nikolakakis – Puzzlemusik Label

Useful links: Puzzlemusik Label, the movie’s facebook page

It's not 'Mandolinata' - is 'Mandolinistic'. With its cogwheels tunes into the Farwest Oceans sounds ...

Farwest Mandolinistic Orchestra (Fa.M.Or)

Farwest Mandolinistic Orchestra is a quartet of contemporary experimental music. They combine traditional, classical, electric and electronic instruments as sources, they employ the technique of live looping and they move between deliberate synthesis and improvisation. The different influences and timbres work like a real science experiment with liquids of different densities: no matter how you mix them, they eventually don’t mix and they create clear layers. So in FAMOR’s music one can distinguish jazz and tradition, rock, electronica and of course noise elements in one set, without losing any of their character and tone.


Fa.M.Or. ‘s debut self-titled album is a great adventure of music exploration pushing Farwest Mandolinistic Orchestra, FAMORthe boundaries with a new innovative sound and offering an entirely new concept of what the mandolin can do.

Music by Fa.M.Or.
Sotiris Debonos: Electric custom mandolin, guitar, live looping, live electronics
Stathis Ioannou: Electric guitar, live electronics
Kostas Tsiolis: Rhodes piano, prepared piano, live electronics

Produced and recorded live at Teflon’s studio by Manolis Aggelakis
Sound editing and mix by Manolis Aggelakis
Mastering by Yiannis Christodoulatos at Sweetspot Studio
Artwork by Ifigenia Vasiliou (www.ifigen.gr)

Released by samedifferencemusic 2019


CD TRACKS  (total duration 38′ 31″)

  1. Diminuiti
  2. Tasti BianchI I
  3. Secondi Minori
  4. Tasti Bianchi II
  5. Aracnea
  6. Tasti Bianchi III
  7. Tasti Bianchi IV
  8. Rhinoceros

On line order for audio CD, digital CD and individual tracks: https://farwestmandolinisticorchestra.bandcamp.com

Farwest Mandolinistic Orchestra, Famor, Stathis IoannouStathis Ioannou: el guitar, loops, live elecronics

Other groups: “Illegal Operation”, “Appallachian Cobra worshipers”, “M. Aggelakis and the beasts”.

Farwest Mandolinistic Orchestra, Famor, Kostas TsiolisKostas Tsiolis: El piano, live elecronics

Other groups:: “Teflon”, “M. Aggelakis and the beasts”.

Farwest Mandolinistic Orchestra, Famor, Sotiris DebonosSotiris Debonos: El custom Mandolin-guitar, live looping, live elecronics

Other groups:  “M. Aggelakis and the beasts”.

Farwest Mandolinistic Orchestra, Famor, Manolis Aggelakis

Manolis Aggelakis: Sound engineering, El guitar

Other groups: “Illegal Operation”, “Appallachian Cobra worshipers”, “M. Aggelakis and the beasts”.

Click here to see more photos (studio, concerts)

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“Blue Nevus” vinyl record

Δεμπόνος, Δεμπόνος Σωτήρης, δισκογραφία, blue nevusdebono, debonos, debono sotiris, blue nevus, discographyIn Sotiris Debonos’ most recent album, Blue Nevus, his “Farwest Mandolinistic Orchestra” Angelaki (slide, guitar) tells us 11 short stories and combines with lyricism and humor two of his great loves:

Blues with Pathology … that is, biopsies … Blue Nevus is a (benign) small mark on the skin. It looks as if it has a blue or black-blue color and this is due to the light reflected by the melanin that is deep under the skin. The photo of the vinyl cover is a Blue Nevus, as it is seen under a microscope. Many of us have a Blue Nevus somewhere on our skin. You can also get it on vinyl and fortunately you won’t need a microscope to enjoy this album..


This is a 10″ vinyl-only release including the music for a film that was never shot.

film music coverIs coming out in 500 numbered copies (and 25 numbered promo copies).

It includes also a cd-r with the tracks in mp3 format and avideo art inspired by the Film Musik tracks. The video art is captured and edited by Socos (of Socos & The Live Project Band).

Cinematic, minimal, improvisation – call it what you may. It transforms every time that you are listening to it. And althoughclassical guitar, violin and viola, nei, and percussion are the main instruments, you could swear that this material belongs to… electronica.


S. Debonos: Guitars,  base, synths, loops  Sofia Kobotiati :nei  Giorgos Kitsios:  violin, viola Natassa Dipla : percusion  Chara  Demopoulou:  vocals

Side A
1. I
2. II
3. III

Side B
1. IV
2. V
3. VI

This instrumental CD belongs to "electronica" but you are invited to listen to it under the illusion that it is the recordings of an undefined animistic tribe's dances ...

FAR WEST -Tribal Dances

farwest coverSotiris Debonos was for many years under the persistency to produce some music with material motivated by the Ionian Musical School, which has no relation to the Eastern musical modes but follows purely the Western modes and aesthetics.

As he was listening, a certain morning, to the record “Codona .2” by Don Cherry, Collin Walcott and Nana Vasconcelos he had the idea of making a set of dances referring to a tribe, indefinable in space and time – thus came the subheading “tribal dances”.

The initial idea was the work to be purely acoustic; however,  Debonos decided together with the co-producer Antonis Livieratos to use Jazz loops in place of bass and percussion, so the  the material has an electronic direction.

The material took the title “FARWEST”, with reference to their common place of origin (Cephalonia – Ionian Islands), which happens to be the utmost western place of Greece, in both the geographical and the cultural terms.

Samples were used from mandolins recorded live in local taverns and from brass bands and choirs recorded in the streets, combined with processed loops.

Sotiris Debonos plays mandolin, synths and electric guitar and there is a contribution by Savinna Yannatou (vocalist of the well known group “Primavera in Salonico”) in the vocals.

The CD comprises 11 tracks, each having a dual title, for example the title “De Bossett Bridge – A Farewell Dance” –track 11– refers to an existing bridge at Farwest (Argostoli city in Cephalonia island) and also to the fact that this bridge is the usual passage of the dead when convoyed to their last rest…..

Such factual information, according to Sotiris Debonos, has no special interest to the listener, who is invited to listen to the CD at high volume under the illusion that it is a musicological recording of the dances of an undefined animistic tribe.

01 you” ve built your nest too high/ intro
02 koutavos/ a lake dance
03 lithostroton/ a street dance
04 mavra matia/ a love dance
05 vallianos square/ an elegant dance
06 the wedding ball/ a merry dance (player)
07 m” aparnithikes/ a desolation dance
08 pessadiana/ a sea dance
09 captain storm/ a naval dance
10 enos/ a mountain dance
11 de bosset bridge /a farewell dance


Captain Montesantos A., was born for adventure and wandered in Pacific Ourakas coverOcean and took the baptism Captain – Phantom “. He died in 1965 in “Dafni” Neurological Hospital of Athens, where the last 10 years of his life he wrote his two poetry collections October 28″ and ” Ouracas”.

It never deserved to see them published, just he offered them to his friends or visitors to the hospital as handwritten poems.
Many of them are probably been lost forever…

His few partnerships with the press (local Athens and radio programs) classified him as the “poet of long sea voyages” (History of Greek Modern Literature, 1985).

The music material consists of eight songs and three instrumental,two of which are adaptations of traditional dances of Kefalonia –Cephalonia- Ionian island, where Montesantos was born (and Debonos also…).
With small musical bridges between the songs the whole project sounds like a complete musical story. The melodic lines together with jazz improvisation elements and tapes, give a strong voice to the poet and an atmosphere of adventure to the listener.

In the booklet are included poet’s manuscripts, a comment of the psychiatrist Mario Markides who met the poet at the beggining of his career, a glossary of nautical terms and map – guide to the listener.

“Jaws Of Death” enhaced cd and vinyl record



A road movie from Kyriakos Chatzimichailidis. CD includes the movie and selected tracks from the soundtrack. Vinyl record comes with a enbosed artwork at the second (empty) side.

Sotiris Debonos: Mandolin, synths, flute. Antononis Livieratos: Guitars, keys, synths.

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