‘Entwined’. Soundtrack in CD & Vinyl record

The fiction movie “Entwined” by director Minos Nikolakakis took place Its world premiere  at Σωτήρης Δεμπόνος, Αλυτη φιλμ. Entwined film, debono, debonos sotiris, discography, δισκογραφίαthe the 44th Toronto International Film Festival. It also in International Festivals in Poland, India and the 60th Thessaloniki Film Festival in Salonica, where it was honored with the Best Location Award. You can read more about the film below on the reviews page

The album will be released by Puzzlemusik on Friday, May 22 on cd & streaming / download. Later in the year it will be released on vinyl (limited edition 100 copies).

Composition and orchestration: Sotiris Debonos

Musicians: George Kitsios: Violin, viola, . Sotiris Debonos: Guitars, synths

Sound Editing: Manolis Angelakis – Sotiris Debonos

Mixes: Manolis Angelakis

Mastering: Sweetspot – Giannis Christodoulatos

Production: Minoas Nikolakakis – Puzzlemusik Label

Useful links: Puzzlemusik Label, the movie’s facebook page

Reviews for movie film ‘Entwined’ and the soundtrack

…Nikolakakis deftly mixes folklore and ancient Greek mythology and gives ia modern angle to create a story in which Eros and Thanatos go hand in hand, rather than being opposed to one another. It is an intimate and atmospheric arthouse horror film in which the forest setting plays a big role. In the hands of DoP Thodoros Mihopoulos, tree branches, grass and shrubs take on a menacing quality as the mystery progresses.

The lighting gives Danae a fairy-like, whitish aura, in stark contrast with Panos, who seems to always be in the shadows in his drab-coloured clothes. And with fire being a very important piece of the puzzle, the cabin’s hearth is used both as a source of soft light and as a narrative element.

Both main actors do a good job, but Konidi is the one to watch, as she builds an ephemeral but still very present character – she may be a mythical being, but she is definitely no ghost. Sotiris Debonos‘ music creatively combines the melancholy and evocative with the eerie and mysterious, often within the same piece.

Review at cineuropa org https://cineuropa.org/en/newsdetail/378081/

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